Dick Orange (Vocalist):   Born in Oceanside, Long Island, Dick didn’t realize he could sing until his third grade teacher had him sing a song for the class.  He’s been singing ever since.   Sinatra has been his idol since he was a teenager.  Even through the rock and roll era of the 1950s, Frank was the man!  Dick started singing professionally in the 1970s when he was the lead singer in a weekend party band.  To pay the bills, he taught physical education and health as an elementary school teacher and then moved on to become a school administrator to close out his 30 years in education.  Dick has been happily married to Mona for 45 years.

Monica Worth (Vocalist): Monica Worth sings with jazz musicians throughout the Piedmont and in Washington, DC.  She loves finely crafted melodies and lyrics explored by singers from Sarah Vaughan to Tony Bennett as well as musical collaborations involving a wide range of players from big bands to Bill Evans. She lives in Sperryville, Virginia.